Depth Launched on BSC and Started BDEP/BNB Liquidity Mining

Depth ( is a secure and efficient stable assets management protocol launced on BSC. Depth allows stablecoins to swap in a safe and secure environment with good depth, low slippage, and low transaction fees. Depth has delicately selected multiple yield aggregators for users. Besides the transaction fees, Depth also integrated other DeFi yield protocols on BSC, providing users long-term extra rewards in a safe condition.

Depth has been specifically designed and optimized for mobile user experience, allowing BSC users to swap large amounts of stablecoins with low transaction fees and low slippage. The above-mentioned stablecoins include BUSD and USDT and so on.

Depth offers multiple yield aggregation to liquidity providers. In addition to liquidity pool transaction fees, Depth integrates benefits from other protocols and DeFi projects which provides users lending yield, mining rewards, and more. Currently, we have cooperated with Channels, Venus and Alpaca protocols, which have leading volume and liquidity in the market.

DEP Token (DEP) is the governance token of the Depth protocol, with a total amount of about 10 billion (including DEP on HECO and BDEP on BSC). DEP on HECO was released through Depth’s liquidity mining at 10:00 on March 1, 2021 (UTC+8). BDEP on BSC is released through Depth’s liquidity mining on BSC at 14:00 on Sept 30(UTC+8).

DEP is 100% generated with liquidity mining, completely open and fair, and the team has no pre-mining.

DEP only exists as Depth’s governance token and has no investment value.

Users can stake DEP to get xDEP to participate in the governance of, and enjoy Depth ecosystem rewards sharing and a series of subsequent DAO user benefits.

  1. Stablecoin Liquidity Mining

Provide stablecoin liquidity in the Depth.Fi stablecoin pool and stake LP tokens on the mining page to earn DEP liquidity mining rewards.

2. DEP LP Liquidity Mining

Depth provides DEP/HUSD LP liquidity mining on HECO. Users could get DEP liquidity mining rewards by staking DEP/HUSD liquidity LP in Depth DEX. On BSC, Depth will support the liquidity mining of BDEP/BNB on PancakeSwap through which users can earn BDEP rewards.

3. Depth DAO Governance and Rewards

Depth is a decentralized protocol. All DEP holders, liquidity providers, core development volunteers, and traders have their own rights and obligation. With the further development of Depth, there will be several topics needing discussion and decision by community voting. Depth DAO will contribute to Depth’s long term run in a stable and secure way.

To participate ,please refer to the tutorial:

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Twitter: @depthfi



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Depth Fi

Depth.Fi is a safe stablecoin assets management DeFi protocol, which provides secure, convenient and efficient stablecoin management services